Medical facility planning is often complex, but a well-planned and executed hospital can deliver favorable long- term results.

Our team of experienced senior professionals will undertake the total planning process, from preliminary feasibility studies up to equipment, staffing, information systems and operational plans.

Our thorough, proven methodologies ensure smoother, more efficient operations and ultimately better patient outcomes.

Medical Facility Planning

Our medical facility planning process covers 5 key steps:

  • Pre-Planning Data Collection
  • Planning
  • Discovery and Site Analysis
  • Options Development and Testing
  • Final Master Plan Report
The final master plan report empowers progress across all key areas of your project, including:

Understanding patient groups

New insights for a new generation

Clinical needs

Healthcare parameters

Related design parameters- area, patient flow and workflow

Design Criteria – in consultation with architect

Optimized solutions in Clinicals Design


Healthcare improvements have dramatically increased life expectancy, and new treatments are improving quality of life for many populations.

We at Magna Hospitalia are dedicated to improving healthcare for the communities that our clients serve. We bring a world of multiple-industry experience to our healthcare engagements.

We provide health organisations with professional guidance on healthcare issues in their local markets by a broad mix of service lines that include innovation transformation, human resource training, cost improvements and operational assessments.

Although healthcare challenges can vary from region to region, health systems around the world have the same objective, to finance and deliver the highest possible quality of care to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible.

We understand healthcare ecosystems to advise our clients better.

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