The primary purpose of BEMS is to ensure that each and every medical equipment undergoes comprehensive and planned preventive maintenance on a regular basis and any breakdown is rectified on priority. The services provided ensure that the medical practitioners can go about their work in full knowledge that all the bio-medical equipment available is well maintained and is fit for use, all the time.

Biomedical equipment is essential for day to day medical practices and is of course, expensive to purchase and maintain. Down time can be greatly reduced if these assets receive proper and regular maintenance. The maintenance of the equipment will adhere to the standards set by the equipment manufacturers.

Magna Meditech’s highly detailed maintenance plans are tailored to your facility requirements and is in line with industry-leading practices. Our team of dedicated engineers and technicians undertake technology management of all biomedical equipment through a comprehensive corrective as well as planned preventive maintenance program.

We work in close collaboration with healthcare professionals in various disciplines including doctors, occupational and rehabilitation therapists and nurses. Our specialists strive to ensure all equipment are maintained to the highest international standards.

Magna Meditech uses a combination of well-planned Asset Management Systems, comprehensive SOPs and technology management to implement a full range of maintenance procedures, which deliver better uptime with reduced breakdowns, as well as improved in-house capabilities.

Every medical equipment undergoes comprehensive planned preventive maintenance on a regular basis and attends to any breakdown within a stipulated response time.

With the provision of comprehensive maintenance services, medical personnel are able to provide services to patients with minimal downtime.

Magna Meditech’s people are the foundation of it’s quality organisation - we are a vibrant, dynamic, progressive self- motivated team thriving on challenges so as to continuously innovate to deliver world leading quality and service performances round the clock.

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Delivering turnkey projects with life cycle maintenance using our extensive sales, service and logistic networks.